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Chat window

In Chat window you can type a message to the chosen contact.

1 - Adaptive typing.

2 - КTo view all history.

3 - To number and signs.

4 - Delete.

5 - Send.

6 - Go to Main screen.

Adaptive typing allows to make your typing faster. To type a word, type its first letters and on the left side of the screen you will see full words that start with these letters. Then you can choose the word you needed.
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We are doing our best to tell the story of our project to the world so that a unique solution designed to solve problems of millions of people would be known all over and would be available to those who need it. Here we will share with you main news about NeuroChat.

29 February 2024
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21 February 2024
The State University of Management hosted a panel discussion titled "Starting Your Own Startup in Moscow" on February 20. ... Read more...
29 December 2023
Neurotechnologies have become increasingly integrated into various sectors of the economy today; their interdisciplinary nature allo... Read more...